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Literature is foundational to the Reformed Faith.

Literature can never replace God’s ordained method of working faith—the true preaching of the gospel, but we believe it is a vital, even necessary, companion to preaching. It is this idea that formulates what we envision Providence Books & Press becoming. A Reformed Publishing house whose goal is to encourage not just a love for reading but ultimately to rekindle, enflame, or reinforce love for God and what he has done for us.

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Before the dawn of the Reformation, God, in his providence, provided Europe with the invention of the printing press. This new machine allowed the gospel to spread in unprecedented ways, through the printing of sermons, debates, books, and most importantly, the Holy Scriptures. In short, God used literature to give life to many a barren heart and to enflame many that were only burning dimly. With this rich heritage in view literature should be a matter of grave importance for those of a Reformed background.

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At Providence Books & Press we believe that literature and the study of God's word is vital for our spiritual nourishment. We have a vision of providing the Church with a variety of resources to enrich our love for God and promote Godly living.

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