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Get To Know The Holy Spirit (Bredenhof)

SKU 9781738272907



Product Details

  • Paperback: 139 Pages 
  • Published:2024 
  • ISBN: 9781738272907
  • Author: Wes Bredenhof 


Rev. Wes Bredenhof (B.A., M.Div., Th.D.) received the Master of Divinity degree from the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary in 2000. Since then he has served as missionary to the native people in Fort Babine, BC, and has pastored Canadian Reformed congregations in Langley, BC and Hamilton, ON. He is currently pastor of the Free Reformed Church in Launceston, Tasmania. In 2010 he was granted his Doctor of Theology degree from Reformation International Theological Seminary in Florida.


Is is as shame that so many Christians consider the Holy Spirit a stranger, for he is meant to be the closest of friends. In this brief but powerful book,  Wes Bredenhof invites Christians to come to know the third person of the Trinity. Those who read it will come to know the Spirit better and learn that to know him is to love and worship him. 

Tim Challies, Author of Seasons of Sorrow 

The One who dwells in God's people - his Holy Spirit - ought to be known well by them. What love for us, that God himself renews us and lives in us! Bredenhof explains from Scripture the nature of the Holy Spirit and his key works, how he is Lord and Giver of life. He also helpfully answers some hard questions about speaking in tongues, healing, praying to the Holy Spirit, and sinning against the Holy Spirit. Readers will be taught well and edified with helpful illustrations and clear applications. 

Dr. Theodore G. Van Raalte, Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary

In charasteristic fashion, Dr. Bredenhof has provided us with a typically biblical, balanced, clear and comprehensive treatment of an essential area of theology - the Christian doctrine of the Holy Spirit. 

Bredenhof is convinced that the doctrine of the Holy Spirit had been sorely neglected in this generation, and this book offers a great corrective. The Holy Spirit is not merely a theological concept or an imperson force. Instead, as  Bredenhof makes clear, he is one person of the Triune God who ought to be honoured with our attention, know with our mind and loved with our heart. This book is written for the church - theologians and pastors will benefit greatly, but so will 'ordinary' church members. 

Anson Van Delden, Pastor, Free Reformed Church of Legana, Tasmania, Australia 


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