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In the Desert - Huguenot Inheritance Series #12 (Alcock)

SKU 9781894666138


Huguenot Inheritance Series #12

In the pages of this book fiction has only been employed for the purpose of illustrating fact. All that has been told of the sufferings, the faith, and the patience of the Church in the Desert - or, as her children loved to call her, "The Church under the Cross" - is true, and within the truth. Especially the character and the history of Majal-Désubas owes nothing to the pencil of fancy. It is a portrait, carefully drawn from contemporary sources, from the memoirs, narratives, and popular songs, in which grateful hearts have embalmed a beloved and fragrant memory.


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Product Details:

  • Paperback: 227
    Publish:  2016
  • ISBN:  9781894666138
    Author:  Deborah Alcock


  • Deborah Alcock (1835-1913) was born and raised in Ireland during the years of the potato famine, as the daughter of John Alcock, a clergyman of the Reformed Church of England and Ireland. Her books contain very accurate details of church history in story form and belong to the best historical fiction ever written.
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