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Providence Books & Press started out as a small, family-owned bookstore in 2021. We have since become a non-profit in order to expand our reach and to continue our original vision of nurturing and cultivating the love and growth of the gospel.


We have been graciously bestowed with two former publishing houses, RP Press and The Study (formerly ILPB). With this opportunity, we plan to expand from solely bookselling to begin book publishing.

Literature can never replace God’s ordained method of working faith—the true preaching of the gospel—but we believe it is a vital, even necessary, companion to preaching. It is this idea that formulates what we envision Providence Books & Press becoming. A Reformed Publishing house whose goal is to encourage not just a love for reading but ultimately to rekindle, enflame, or reinforce love for God and what he has done for us. Practically speaking, this would entail first and foremost the publication of professional, well-edited material in the form of books and tracts; second, it would incorporate selling and promoting other Reformed Christian literature; and finally, it could include things like podcasts, teaching series, reading rooms, and possibly even conferences in the future.


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