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David and Goliath [Word of the King Series] (Van Rijswijk)

SKU 9781894666237


The giant laughed. He was mocking the people of God. But then a young lad walked toward him. It was David, the shepherd boy. He had just picked up five smooth stones from a brook and put them in a shepherd's bag...

The focus of this Bible story, Abraham offering Isaac, his only son, is told reverently and with deep feeling. Woven throughout is the theme that Abraham knew by implication and believed that the animal sacrifices he offered pointed to the perfect sacrifice of the Son of God. Psalm quotations from the Book of Praise illustrate this theme. The tension of Abraham's struggle to obey is made very clear. It was not only his love for Isaac, but especially the knowledge that the Lamb of God would come through his heir, that caused Abraham the agony of soul when the command came to offer His son Isaac.

This Bible story is told from the redemptive-historical viewpoint redemption stands central.

Frederika Pronk in The Messenger about Abraham's Sacrifice:


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Product Details:

  • Paperback: 43 pages
  • Published: 2003
  • ISBN:  9781894666237
  • Author:  Cor Van Rijswijk


  • Cor Van Rijswijk
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