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Life in the Eagle's Nest - A Tale of Afghanistan (Tucker)

SKU 9781894666299


Afghanistan! To many an uncivilized land of terror and hatred. To others a land of intrigue and adventure. A land where few dare to tread. Go with Walter Gurney, the seventeen-year-old orphan son of a British missionary in India, who, after meeting handsome, boastful Dermot Denis, joined him on a trip into Afghanistan. Negating the danger of such a perilous trip, Walter eased his conscience with the thought of evangelizing. Infected with the exultation of his companion, nothing for the time seemed more enjoyable than this wild foray into a dangerous land. Yet within a few days they were surprised by a brutal group of Pathan Afghans. Despite his companion's ridicule and the danger lurking in his path Walter knew that nothing could separate him from the love of Christ. God's will always comes to pass and as God's child he was safe in the arms of his Saviour. Will Walter be able to hold on to this faith when pressed by a Moslem Holy man? Will Sultána, the daughter of the chief, be able to help him and her people in the Eagle's Nest? Witness with Walter the blessings of God in bringing His Gospel to hungry hearts in ways unimaginable by men.


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Product Details:

  • Paperback:  137 pages
  • Publsihed:  2009
  • ISBN:  9781894666299
  • Author: Charlotte M. Tucker


  • Charlotte M. Tucker
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