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He Gathers the Lambs (Lambregtse)

SKU 0921100779


A moving book, written not only with deep insight into the ecclesiastical, religious, social, and historical situation in which the story takes place, but also with a warm, rich understanding of a child’s soul. Every page of the book carries proof that it was eked out of the author’s own experience. It is written from the inside out, and the people who appear in it are flesh-andblood people as they walked the streets of southeastern Zeeland. Zeelanders with a mystical character . . . who had great difficulty appropriating in faith the redemptive deeds of the covenant God. Also beautiful in this story are the descriptions of the natural beauty of the island on which it takes place. The author views nature with a loving but also with a knowledgeable eye. The landscape through all the seasons. . . But what is most striking is his knowledge of the soul of a child, a knowledge born out of love. — Rudolf Van Reest


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Product Details:

  • Paperback: 290 pages
  • Published:  1996
  • ISNB:  0921100779
  • Author:  Cornelius Lambregtse


  • Cornelius Lambregtse
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