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The Search for Sheltie [sequel to Curse of Urumbu] (Prins)

SKU 9781894666435


Having shaken the curse of Urumbu, Jack and Sheltie return to the old country. Injured in a traffic accident, Jack is laid up in a Genoa hospital. Sheltie goes on ahead to Rotterdam where he promptly gets lost.

This book gives a fascinating look at the “psychology” of a dog trying to avoid capture as he hunts doggedly for his master. It also tells the story of the extensive, persistent search Jack and his nephews make for Sheltie.

Unaccustomed to civilization, Sheltie faces danger at every turn. Several scrapes with death make this a real nail-biter!


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Product Details:

  • Paperback:  137 pages
  • Published:  2006
  • ISBN:  9781894666435
    Author:  Piet Prins


  • Piet Prins (pen name for Pieter Jongeling 1909-1985) was one of the most popular Dutch authors of children books. Already as a child the desire to become an author was fuelled by the books of Lawrence Penning. For many years he was the editor of a Reformed Christian daily newspaper, in which he wrote most of his children’s books as serials under the name Piet Prins. The stories are usually full of tension and suspense yet they are always hemmed in by the inspired Word of God. Mr. Jongeling, better known as Piet Prins, lived a life for the honour and glory of God’s Name, a fact which penetrates all of his writing.
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