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The Refugees (Doyle)

SKU 9780921100671


Huguenot Inheritance Series #6

The Refugees is a fast-paced exciting historical novel filled with daring and adventure. It depicts the escape of Louis De Catinat and his cousin from France after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685. Fleeing aboard a merchant vessel they attempt to reach America but find themselves stranded on an iceberg. The result is a hazardous trek through Canadian forests, avoiding both Roman Catholic Frenchmen and savage Indians. Follow the adventures of well to do people, bereft of all convenience and fleeing for their lives to seek refuge in a country where freedom of religion returns stability to their lives.


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  • Paperback:
  • Published:
  • ISBN:  9780921100671
  • Author:  A. Conan Doyle


  • A. Conan Doyle
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