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The Elder (Van Dam)

SKU 9781596381414


Today's Minsitry Rooted in All of Scripture



To rediscover God’s gift of eldership for the church today, we need to go back beyond the New Testament to the origins of the office of elder in ancient Israel. There we discover the enduring principles that guided the elder in antiquity—and that guide the church today. In this book, you will develop a renewed understanding of the office of elder and of godly discipline.


The Explorations in Biblical Theology series addresses the need for quality literature that attracts believing readers to good theology and builds them up in their faith. Each title in the series combines solid content with accessibility and readability—a valuable addition to the library of any college student, thoughtful lay reader, seminarian, or pastor.


  • Author: Cornelis Can Dam
  • Pages: 304
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2009


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Product Details

  • Paperback:  283 pages
  • Publication:  2009
  • ISBN: 9781596381414
  • Author:  Cornelis Van Dam


  • Cornelis Van Dam (Th.D. Theological University of Kampen) was professor of Old Testament at the Canadian Theological Seminary in Hamilton, Ontario


  • "An up-to-the-minute, mid-range, pastorally focused collection of xplorations in Biblical Theology......These are books to look out for, and to collect as they see the light of day."  J. I. Packer
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