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Shadow in the Deep (Graham)

SKU 9780875527222


Binding of the Blade Series - #3


In book 3 of the Binding of the Blade series, Kirthanin must unite to fight Malek's forces. As the rains fall and the floodwaters rise, Malek prepares the way for the shadow of the deep, a creature fashioned for destruction. Aljeron embarks on a dangerous quest across the snowy wasteland of Nolthanin in search of the Father of Dragons. Can he make another ally to combat the growing darkness?


For all of Kirthanin, the days are dark and hope seems far away. And yet, in the midst of their darkness, a ray of light appears when Benjiah takes up Valzaan's staff and enters where all others fear to go.


The Binding of the Blade is an original fantasy series based in part on the prophesy from the book of Isaiah.


  • Author: L.B. Graham
  • Pages: 512
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2006


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Product Details:

  • Paperback:  512 pages
  • Published: 2006
  • ISBN : ‎ 9780875527222
  • Author:  L. B. Graham


  • L. B. Graham (MDiv, Covenant Seminary) is chairman of the Bible department and teacher of English and Worldviews at Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis. He has written several articles in IVP's Dictionary of Biblical Imagery. He and his wife, Joanne, have two children.


  • Even for those readers who do not particularly care for fantasy, this book is sufficiently fresh and exciting that most will find it engrossing. This is well worth
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