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Man of the First Hour: A Son's Story (Vanpopta)

SKU 9781777115555


Man of the First Hour is a personal account of a loving son who invites the reader into the life and times of Rev. Jules Van Popta. It’s a glimpse behind the scenes presented in a multidimensional narrative that touches on topics including family, church, struggles, war, and immigration. Using a combination of personal recollections and fragments of letters, documents, and articles, the author sketches an honest portrait of a “good and faithful servant” (Matt 25:21).


Rev. Jules Van Popta was a godly man, who was granted an excellent cognitive ability which he used generously for the benefit of the churches and his fellow believers. This ability was accompanied by human characteristics which added difficulties as well as humour to his life.


The story of Jules (Jelle) Van Popta is a remarkable one and it has fallen to the youngest to give an account of his father’s struggle and triumph. We gain a uniquely personal perspective of some of the ecclesiastical issues that have faced our church federation. The details of the early years in Canada will no doubt resonate with all children of Dutch immigrants. We have benefitted enormously from the choices of those who, post WW II, voyaged across the Atlantic to make a new beginning for themselves and their offspring. How the Lord has blessed those who had the courage to cast their bread upon the waters! With this book, George van Popta goes beyond family history, as fascinating as this is, and salutes all parents who journeyed as pilgrims in a strange land, never losing sight of the heavenly city.


  • Author: George Van Popta
  • Pages: 226
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2021


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