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Foundations of Grace (Lawson)

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Understanding the doctrines of grace provides a clearer picture of God's sovereignty, mercy, and majesty. From the lawgiver Moses to the Apostle John, and from the early church fathers to modern defenders of the faith, there has marched onto the stage of human history a long line of godly men, a triumphant parade of spiritual stalwarts who have upheld the doctrines of grace. In this book, Dr. Steven J. Lawson takes readers on a heart-stirring survey of the Scriptures and their teaching on God's way of salvation. Lawson demonstrates that far from being a sixteenth century invention, the doctrines of grace are the clear teaching of the Bible in its entirety. From Genesis to Revelation, the Scriptures declare the message of God's sovereign grace in salvation.


  • Author: Steven Lawson
  • Pages: 535
  • Hardcover
  • Published in 2016


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Product Details:

  • Hardcover:  535 pages
  • Published:  2016
  • ISBN‏ : ‎ 9781567696851
  • Author:  Steven Lawson


  • Dr. Steven J. Lawson is founder and president of OnePassion Ministries, a ministry designed to bring about a new reformation in the church. He is a teaching fellow for Ligonier Ministries, director of the Doctor of Ministry program at The Master’s Seminary, and a visiting professor in the Doctor of Ministry program at the Ligonier Academy of Biblical and Theological Studies. He has written two dozen books, including The Passionate Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones, The Evangelistic Zeal of George Whitefield, and John Knox: Fearless Faith.




    “We live in an age in which the church has once again fallen under Martin Luther’s sharp critique of his contemporary, Erasmus: ‘Your God is too manlike. … Let God be God!’ Gripped in mind and heart by the twin truths of God’s total sovereignty and His amazing grace, Steve Lawson compellingly traces these themes from the beginning to the end of Scripture. There is no better way than this to learn theology, and no other way to learn to hold the truth of Scripture with the balance of Scripture and in the spirit of Scripture. Foundations of Grace shows, in a multitude of ways, that the Scriptures are useful ‘for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness.’ May it help the contemporary church to rediscover that glorious divine quadrivium!”

    -- Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson
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