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Church History (Keizer)

SKU 9780921100027


This book is the result of Rev. Keizer's work as a teacher of church history at a reformed high school in Groningen. " According to Revelations 12, the history of mankind revolves around the history of Christ's church. This is the justification for the political and social excursions which are made every now and then to retain as much as possible a sense of the true unity of history." In this book the author relates " the acts of God's faithfulness and loving-kindness in founding and maintaining the covenant of grace and reconciliation, a covenant that remains valid despite man's disdainful disregard."


Author: P.K. Keizer

Pages: 220



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Product Details:

  • Paperback:  220 pages
  • Published:  1990
  • ISBN: ‎ 9780921100027
  • Author:  P. K. Keizer


  • P. K. Keizer was a minister of the Reformed Church (Liberated) of the Netherlands and  teacher of church history at a reformed school high school in Groningen.
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