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Christ's Psalms, Our Psalms: Devotional (Holtvluwer)

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The Psalms have long been loved by believers. We turn to them in good days and bad, to both praise God with thanksgiving and to plead with God for help. The struggles of David and the other psalmists resonate with us and we treasure the same promises of the LORD that they relied on. The meditations in Christ’s Psalms, Our Psalms – Devotional uncover those treasures. Sixteen Reformed pastors write rich yet easy-to-understand devotions that will help strengthen your faith in God. Even more, the Devotional shows how Jesus Christ is foreshadowed in all the laments, praises, thanksgivings and words of wisdom found throughout the Psalms. Like David and the other poets, Jesus suffered greatly, learned to lean on His Father intensely, and had cause to give thanks abundantly – and all this He went through as our Mediator. Each devotion helps us to know our Saviour more deeply. Three appendices add psalm devotions for those special dates on the Christian calendar: Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, Resurrection, Ascension and Pentecost. Thanksgiving and the New Year are also reflected upon. Long lasting hard cover with sewn binding


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  • Cover Type: Hardcover
  • 395 Pages
  • Publisher: Providence Books & Press 
  • Publication Date: 2018
  • ISBN: 


"Christians have a duty to read the Psalms as Christ read the Psalms, so far as it is possible. This book helps us to do just that. A Christ-focused reading of the Psalms is always a welcome addition to the church. This emphasis, coupled with a strong devotional accent, leads me to warmly commend this book."
Rev.Dr. Mark Jones, Senior Minister at Faith Vancouver Presbyterian Church, author of Knowing Christ

"Psalms should be formative to Christian piety, but often we read them superficially or sentimentally. The Devotional opens the Psalms to us in an exegetical, clear, interesting, edifying, and Christ-centred manner. I have been using this book in connection with reading through the Psalms and have been greatly blessed."

Joseph A. Pipa Jr., PHD -  President, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

"This year’s supply of devotions brings out the gold of God’s revelation of his grace and mercy in Jesus Christ to bear on the lives of those who use it. Reading from this collection each day will be inspiring, comforting, and encouraging. It will also instruct and motivate to godly living. Highly recommended!"

Cornelis Van Dam - Professor of Old Testament (emeritus), Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary

"The Devotional should become part of daily devotional time. Such efforts will be rewarded with an ever-deepening appreciation of our Saviour who has experienced the very same human emotions and struggles we do. We will be reassured that he knows us intimately and is here, right now, to help us."

Sarah Vandergugten - Retired Christian School Teacher

"Applications to our lives are explained with steady, enthusiastic encouragement to grow in our walk with the Lord. Since the Psalms cover all the emotions and situations we will face throughout this often-difficult life, this is a devotional that can be used over and over again. "

Sharon L. Bratcher - Author of the Christian devotional Soup and Buns: Nourishment from God's Word for your Daily Struggles



Peter H. Holtvluwer is the pastor of Spring Creek Canadian Reformed Church in the Niagra region of Ontario, and co-editor of Clarion magazine. He blogs at

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