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Wise: Living by the Ancient Words of the Commandments and Proverbs (Bredenhof)

SKU 9781532653469


How can we find our way through the complexities of life in the twenty-first century? Many Christians are familiar with the pointed directives of the Ten Commandments, and many will regularly read Proverbs for bite-sized pieces of God’s wisdom. When we study Proverbs within the framework of the Ten Commandments, we hear both parts of God’s Word speaking in ways that are refreshingly practical and eminently memorable. Wise shows how these ancient words relate to such diverse areas of life as worship and prayer, our words and money, marriage and sexuality, and our fears, loves, and desires. This book will instruct and encourage with the wisdom that comes from fearing God.


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Product Details

  • Cover Type: Paperback 
  • 140 Pages 
  • Publication Date: Sept.2018
  • ISBN: 9781532653469


Reuben Bredenhof was born and raised near Vancouver, Canada. He has served as a pastor to Reformed congregations in Canada and Australia, and earned a PhD in New Testament from St Mary's University, Twickenham. He has written "Wise: Living by the Ancient Wisdom of the Commandments and Proverbs" (2018), "Hallowed: Echoes of the Psalms in the Lord's Prayer" (2019), and "Weak Pastor, Strong Christ" (2021). Through his writing he aims to promote a better understanding of the Christian scriptures. He and his wife Rebecca are blessed with four daughters. He blogs regularly at

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