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Weak Pastor, Strong Christ (Bredenhof)

SKU 9781601788429


Developing a Christ-Shaped Gospel Ministry


The second letter to the Corinthians is a touchstone for pastors seeking advice on effective ministry. It is a revealing window into the tumult of Paul’s relationship with this congregation that shows Paul’s concern for the spiritual welfare of a local church. Although he loved the Corinthians dearly and labored for them intensely, their relationship was marked by the tensions and challenges that are acutely familiar to church leaders today: unclear expectations, comparison to other pastors, criticisms of ministry style, vocational stresses, disputes over money, and more. Reuben Bredenhof expertly unpacks these complexities and reveals Paul’s vision for Christ-shaped gospel ministry—a vision that can help you, too.


  • Author: Reuben Bredenhof
  • Pages: 144
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2021


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Product Details:

  • Paperback:  144 pages
  • Published: 2021
  • ISBN‏ : ‎ 9781601788429
  • Author:  Reuben Bredenhof


  • Reuben Bredenhof was born and raised near Vancouver, Canada. He has served as a pastor to Reformed congregations in Canada and Australia, and earned a PhD in New Testament from St Mary's University, Twickenham. He has written "Wise: Living by the Ancient Wisdom of the Commandments and Proverbs" (2018), "Hallowed: Echoes of the Psalms in the Lord's Prayer" (2019), and "Weak Pastor, Strong Christ" (2021). Through his writing he aims to promote a better understanding of the Christian scriptures. He and his wife Rebecca are blessed with four daughters. He blogs regularly at


  • "Many books analyze the apostle Paul's theology and missionary work. Reuben Bredenhof examines the ministry of Paul the pastor in his book Weak Pastor, Strong Christ. His careful study of 2 Corinthians unfolds an apostolic model for pastoral work. Here, ministers straining under the burden of unbiblical expectations will find relief; those unsure of how to model their ministry will find godly help. He summons all pastors--in joy or trial--to rely upon Christ's all-sufficient grace, saying with Paul, 'when I am weak, then I am strong.' " - Charles M. Wingard, associate professor of pastoral theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, and author of Help for the New Pastor

Table of Contents:

  • Table of Contents:

    Introduction: Searching for a Model of Ministry

  • Serving under Pressure
  • Building a Ministerial Identity
  • Pastoring Like a Father
  • Preaching for the Glory of Christ
  • Facing a Barrage of Criticism
  • Handling Money Wisely
  • Being a Willing Sufferer
  • Working with Purpose
  • Afterword: Traveling from Corinth to Today

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