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Tomas Looks Up and Out (Groves)

SKU ‎ 9781645073833


Tomas Turtle starts his day thinking more about himself than others. Not only is he annoyed that his sister Tori's cough kept him awake, but he also brags to all of his friends about his successes. It's not until he gets sick and his friends take care of him that Tomas learns to look up to God and out to others.



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Product Details:

  • Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 32 pages
  • Published:  2023
  • ISBN : ‎ 9781645073833
  • Author:  J. Alasdair Groves


  • About the Author

    J. Alasdair Groves, MDiv, is a counselor and Executive Director of CCEF where he previously served as the director of CCEF's School of Biblical Counseling. He also co-founded and was executive director of a biblical counseling center in Northern New England. He is the co-author of Untangling Emotions and editor of Tomas Looks Up and Out. Alasdair has published a number of articles in the Journal of Biblical Counseling, hosts CCEF's podcast and produced many blogs, videos, and audio resources. Alasdair and his wife, Lauren, live in New England with their three children.

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