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The Young Huguenots (Floyer)

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Christine Farenhorst in Christian Renewal; Four orphaned children, three brothers, and one sister, set out together on a journey not totally unlike that of Christian in Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. Their goal is to leave France and to reach the French sea coast to catch a ship for Amsterdam. Because the year is 1686, however, and the children profess to be Huguenots, their youthful days are more often than not filled with adventure and fear.

Forced at an early age to consider the gravity of life and death, the children forge a bond of loyalty that goes beyond family ties. Their unfaltering trust in God provides the 20th-century child with a wonderful role model of just what it means to totally give up everything for one's faith. Well and most movingly written, this novel is heartily recommended.


  • Author: Edith Floyer
  • Pages: 181
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2003


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Providence Books & Press Review

The dragoons are coming to implement Dragonnades on the Huguenot families of the neighborhood. The Dragonnades were a French government policy instituted by King Louis XIV to cause the Huguenots to convert to Catholicism. The dragoons (soldiers) were to be billeted at addresses of known Huguenot supporters and given license to steal, destroy and abuse their hosts.

It is a dangerous time and the St. Croix family makes the difficult choice to flee. They depart quickly for St. Louis-de-Linard. In good time they make it safely to their second home. The safety unfortunately, does not last long. The brief reprieve is broken by the sound of approaching horses. Do these visitors bring forth good tidings? Or will they only bring grief and sorrow?

Mom and Dad St.Croix write that if trouble is to come upon them, the children must flee as secretly as possible to Amsterdam. Henri and Marie are now in charge and have no other option but to carry out their parents wishes. So, the children set out on their long journey. Marie and the others are used to having servants to do their bidding. Will they make it to the sea coast in safety?

The children are met with hardship, suffering, and many harrowing adventures along their way. Eventually little Louis begins to tire and can no longer go onward. In the home of Huguenot allies, a baker and his wife, the children must make a choice will Louis go on, or will he stay behind until the children send for him from Amsterdam?

The children begin to travel faster and soon find themselves at the sea coast. Will they make it across to Amsterdam? Helping Huguenot refugees has become a very serious crime. Will the children find someone who they trust to take them across?

This is a nice light read for children and adults alike. A few small cautions for younger children would be the abrupt violence near the beginning of the book, the rescue of a Huguenot woman left to starve with her newborn, and a convent burns at the hands of Huguenots rescuing their children from forced captivity. As it is written from the viewpoint of children, kids can perhaps more readily identify with their circumstances. Edith Floyer does well to illustrate the difficult circumstances in which these Huguenot children grew up and how they clung to the promises of the gospel, even among the turmoil and hardship that they endured.

Product Details:

  • Paperback:  181 pages
  • Published:  2003
  • ISBN: ‎ 9780921100652
  • Author:  Edith Floyer


  • Edith S. Floyer
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