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The Passionate Preaching of Martin Lloyd-Jones (Lawson)

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A Long Line of Godly Men


From the pulpit at Westminster Chapel in London, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones set a new standard for faithful and passionate preaching, a standard that continues to be relevant today. Lloyd-Jones was a physician by training and had begun a promising career in medicine before sensing an irresistible call to preach. Surrounded by theological liberalism, he began a pulpit ministry that would exert profound influence on both sides of the Atlantic.


  • Author: Steven Lawson
  • Pages: 188
  • Hardcover
  • Published in 2016


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Product Details:

  • Hardcover:  188 pages
  • Published:  2016
  • ISBN: ‎ 9781567696387
  • Author:  Steven Lawson


  • Dr. Steven J. Lawson is founder and president of OnePassion Ministries, a ministry designed to bring about a new reformation in the church. He is a teaching fellow for Ligonier Ministries, director of the Doctor of Ministry program at The Master’s Seminary, and a visiting professor in the Doctor of Ministry program at the Ligonier Academy of Biblical and Theological Studies. He has written two dozen books, including The Passionate Preaching of Martyn Lloyd-Jones, The Evangelistic Zeal of George Whitefield, and John Knox: Fearless Faith.

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