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The Lord of Psalm 23: Jesus Our Shepherd, Companion, and Host (Gibson)

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Expository Study of Psalm 23 Reveals the Beauty and Deep Theological Meaning behind a Familiar Part of Scripture

Psalm 23 is one of the most recognizable passages in the whole Bible. Though relatively short, this poetic depiction of God’s love epitomizes Christ’s goodness and provision as he leads his children. Even lifelong Christians will find fresh encouragement by closely studying these familiar words.

David Gibson walks through each verse in Psalm 23, thoroughly examining its 3 depictions of the believer’s union with Christ as sheep and shepherd, traveler and companion, and guest and host. Gibson provides canonical context for the Psalm’s beautiful imagery, inspiring praise and wonder as readers reflect on the loving Shepherd who meets every need.

  • Rich Theology: Adapted from 3 engaging sermons by David Gibson
  • Expository: Closely examines Psalm 23’s imagery and what it reveals about the relationship between Christ and his followers
  • Uplifting and Informative: Encourages deep reflection on Christ’s provision, comfort, and eternal strength
  • With a Foreword by Sinclair Ferguson


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  • Cover Type: Hardcover w/ Jacket
  • 184 Pages 
  • Publication Date: 2023
  • ISBN: 

Table of Contents

Foreword by Sinclair B. Ferguson
A Note on Singing the Twenty-Third Psalm
The Twenty-Third Psalm
Part One: The Sheep and the Shepherd
Chapter 1: Who He Is
Chapter 2: What He Provides
Chapter 3: Where He Leads
Part Two: The Traveler and the Companion
Chapter 4: How He Leads
Chapter 5: Where He Is
Chapter 6: What He Holds
Part Three: The Guest and the Host
Chapter 7: How He Welcomes
Chapter 8: What He Sends
Chapter 9: Where He Invites
General Index
Scripture Index


“There is no passage of Scripture I have turned to as frequently or as desperately as Psalm 23. It has blessed, guided, and strengthened me in my hardest seasons and darkest days. Yet I have not come close to mastering its content or exhausting its riches—something that became clear as I read this lovely, helpful, challenging, easy-to-read guide to one of the Bible’s brightest treasures. I give it my highest recommendation.”
Tim Challies, author, Seasons of Sorrow

“To read this book is to sit under the best pastoral care—that of a pastor who expounds God’s word clearly, lovingly, and with delight. The word shines here, as we take time to follow the whole shape of Psalm 23; ultimately, the Savior of the Scriptures shines, Jesus the good shepherd, who is with us all the way home.”
Kathleen Nielson, author; speaker

“The Lord of Psalm 23 combines an attentive reading of the text with rich theological insight, all brought together to nourish and comfort the heart. I warmly encourage you to read it and meet the Lord afresh. This book was a tonic for my own soul at a time when I was feeling overwhelmed.”
Tim Chester, Senior Faculty Member, Crosslands Training

“Reading Psalm 23 through the lens of union with Christ—the good shepherd incarnate—The Lord of Psalm 23 brings assurance, comfort, and guidance to those of us who ask, ‘Can the Lord prepare a table in the wilderness?’ This is a wonderful encouragement.”
Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

“A pastor’s heart breathes through this book. Just as the psalm’s own words are heartwarming and beautiful, so on the lips of a caring pastor these meditations warm the heart and delight the soul. They did me good. They will do you good.”
Christopher AshWriter in Residence, Tyndale House, Cambridge

“There are two ways of reading and studying Scripture. One is like clipping down a motorway, traversing big chunks, getting the sweep of the story. The other is like milking a cow—you just sit there with one text and keep pulling and squeezing. The latter is what David Gibson does with Psalm 23—he ‘milks’ it marvelously, and your cup will run over!”
Dale Ralph Davis, former pastor; Former Professor of Old Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson


“The Psalter is the hymnbook of the Bible. God’s people were instructed to come into his presence with singing and into his courts with praise (Ps. 100:2, 4). As they lifted up their hearts in song, they gave voice to their laments and tears as well. No psalm is likely more beloved and consequently more abused than the twenty-third. In this short book, David Gibson unpacks the beauty and depth behind these almost too familiar words so we can hear and sing them anew.”
Harold Senkbeil, Executive Director Emeritus, DOXOLOGY: The Lutheran Center for Spiritual Care and Counsel

“An old text has become a new friend. After reading The Lord of Psalm 23, I have fallen in love with this psalm all over again. David Gibson draws out its blessings with profound and soul-stirring richness. As you read this little volume, the beauty of the good shepherd will shine with even greater brightness in your mind’s eye. What a great shepherd, companion, and host we have in Jesus; and this book brings that truth to full light. Read it, meditate on it, and pray over it. Doing so is time well spent, because it is time spent taking in the glories of Christ.”
Jason Helopoulos, Senior Pastor, University Reformed Church, East Lansing, Michigan; author, The New Pastor’s Handbook and Covenantal Baptism

“The Lord of Psalm 23 is a superbly well-titled and rare gem of pastoral theology. David Gibson demonstrates great skill in shining fresh light on the familiar verses, with delightful felicity of expression, fueled by penetrating, insightful reflection. Widely researched, with detailed attention to the text, and rooted in practical application, the book fills our vision with the shepherd Lord himself and brings us to worship him in renewed amazement and appreciation of his covenant grace and mercy. Reading this sensitive and warmhearted pastoral exposition has been a refreshing spiritual tonic to my soul.”
David Jackman, Former President, The Proclamation Trust

“Just when you thought you knew all there was to know of Psalm 23, along comes David Gibson’s deep and pastoral dive into this beautiful psalm. Your mind will be sharpened and your heart warmed as the author walks you through each verse with precision and a pastor’s eye. And with every step, he points us to Jesus, the true good shepherd, who came to lead us home. I loved it!”
Jenny Salt, Associate to Archdeacon of Women’s Ministry, Sydney Anglican Diocese; Host, Salt—Conversations with Jenny

“The beauty of David Gibson’s journey through the Twenty-Third Psalm is its sustained focus on God. When the Lord is your shepherd, you have everything you need. His wisdom will lead you. His rest will restore you. His presence is with you. His strength will protect you. And his goodness and mercy will follow you all the way home. Read this book, and your soul will be nourished with a fresh view of all that is yours in Christ.”
Colin Smith, Senior Pastor, The Orchard, Arlington Heights, Illinois; Founder and Bible Teacher, Open the Bible


David Gibson (PhD, University of Aberdeen) is minister of Trinity Church in Aberdeen, Scotland. He is a coeditor of From Heaven He Came and Sought Her, and his publications include Living Life Backward: How Ecclesiastes Teaches Us to Live in Light of the End; Radically Whole: Gospel Healing for the Divided Heart; and The Lord of Psalm 23: Jesus Our Shepherd, Companion, and Host. He is married to Angela, and they have four children.

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