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The Life of God in the Soul of Man (Scougal)

SKU 9781433580482


A Classic Guide for Christians Who Want to Move from Empty Religion to Authentic Faith


Writing to a friend who was disillusioned by religion, minister and theologian Henry Scougal created what would become a classic text on Christian living. Compassionately explaining what true religion is and isn’t, Scougal shares biblical practices that lead to real spiritual transformation.


In The Life of God in the Soul of Man, Scougal cuts through false ideas about religion and demonstrates how to pursue true unity with God. He explains that religion shouldn’t be primarily focused on restraining or dictating outward behavior, but living a divine life characterized by faith, a love for God and others, purity, and humility. As it did for the recipient of Scougal’s original letter, this book challenges believers to turn from empty religion and allow the Holy Spirit to conform them into Christ’s glorious image.


Great Resource for Churches and Mentors: Scougal’s words uplift disheartened believers and guide them toward true transformation

Use as a Devotional for Personal Growth: Recommended for nominal Christians and sincere believers interested in developing authentic faith

Approachable Guide to Christian Living: Dives into important topics such as trusting in God’s providence, depending on the Holy Spirit, and fighting sin

Academic Study Resource: This edited and abridged edition of Scougal’s classic work is ideal for use in Bible colleges and seminaries

Convenient Repackage of Popular Sermons: Includes a short biography of Henry Scougal and a foreword by theologian Joel R. Beeke


  • Author: Henry Scougal
  • Pages: 192
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2022


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Product Details

  • Paperback:  192 pages
  • Published:  2022
  • ISBN‏ : ‎ 9781433580482
  • Author:  Henry Schougal


  • Henry Scougal (1650–1678) was a Scottish theologian and minister. His distinguished life included a celebrated academic career and ordination in the Church of Scotland. When he was twenty-eight, Scougal died of tuberculosis, having only served five years as a professor of divinity at King’s College, Aberdeen.


  • “True ‘classics’ are more than timeless; they are works of exceptional insight and power. These beautiful booklets put before us works that fully deserve the label. Wise, Christ-centered, and full of gospel comfort, they are treasures that will enlarge both the mind and the soul of all who heed them.”
    Michael Reeves, President and Professor of Theology, Union School of Theology

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