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The Klaas Schilder Reader (Schilder)

SKU 9781683595939


The Essential Theological Warnings


Recovering a forgotten theologian.

Klaas Schilder (1890–1952) was a prominent Dutch Reformed theologian in the early twentieth century, first as a pastor and then as a professor. While his fame spread to North America in the 1940s, he is mostly forgotten today. In Schilder Reader: The Essential Theological Writings, readers will rediscover this important Dutch theologian.


Working in the tradition of Abraham Kuyper and Herman Bavinck, Schilder applies Dutch Neo--Calvinism to the twentieth century. This includes secularism, the rise and influence of Karl Barth, opposition to Nazism, and the relation between the church and society. Schilder Reader contextualizes his work and furthers the neo--Calvinist tradition.


  • Editors:   Marinus De Jong, George Harinck, Richard Mouw
  • Pages: 560
  • Hardcover
  • Published in 2022


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Product Details:

  • Hardcover:  560 pages
  • Published:  2022
  • ISBN: ‎ 9781683595939
  • Edited by


  • George Harinck is professor of the history of Neo--Calvinism at Theological University Kampen | Utrecht and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

    Marinus De Jong is a pastor in Amsterdam and a researcher at The Neo--Calvinism Research Institute at Theological University Kampen | Utrecht.

    Richard Mouw is professor emeritus of faith and public life at Fuller Theological Seminary, where he served as president for twenty years.


  • Truly wonderful to see this collection of Klaas Schilder’s essays, so representative both of his thinking on many significant areas and of his erudite and brilliant mind. Very thankful that in this way his contribution to twentieth-century continental theology is at least to some extent available to the English-speaking world.

    ―Gerhard H. Visscher, professor emeritus, Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary, Hamilton, Canada


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