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The Gospel Changes Everything Family Devotional Cards



The message of our family discipleship is simple: the Gospel of Jesus Christ is central and it really does change everything. But have you ever struggled to articulate the Gospel message fully to your children? Perhaps you've shared bits of the Gospel message with your children at one time or another, but are you confident that they've heard the full message of salvation? We created these family devotional cards to give you just that confidence. This set of 30 cards walks you and your family through the whole message of the Gospel, covering everything from humanity's fall into sin, our personal need for a Savior, God's saving grace in Jesus, and the new life he calls us to live as a result. Each day your family will take a bite-size piece of the Gospel message, see it in Scripture, read a helpful explanation, discuss it using the kid-friendly questions, and then take time to pray using the prayer-prompt. Over the course of 30 days, you and your family will walk through the message of salvation in Jesus alone, and see how the Gospel really does change everything!


This set of cards is divided into six primary categories, with five days of devotionals in each category. This makes it perfect for doing Monday through Friday each week for six weeks! The categories are: 

1) The Big Story, which lays out the entire story of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation

2) The Need, unpacking humanity's need for salvation, and showing each of us our personal need for a Savior (in other words, a look at the fallen nature we are all born with, and our own disobedience against God) 

3) The Promise, which looks at how God was the only one who could do anything about our sin, and the Savior he promised to send

4) The Savior, helping kids understand who Jesus is, what he came to do, what he taught, and how his life, death, and resurrection opens the door to salvation through faith in Christ alone 

5) New Life, which considers what it means to follow Jesus - not just to be saved in eternity, but to live new life in Christ now!

6) The Mission, encouraging your family to live on mission for God in a way that shows your neighborhood, community, and the world that the Gospel changes everything 


These cards are designed to help you and your family walk through the Gospel message and its powerful, transformative truth. For 30 days (either 30 consecutive days or 5 days a week for 6 weeks), your family will READ a short Scripture verse, THINK on what that verse has to say, ASK how it applies to daily life, and PRAY for God to change your lives and hearts as a result. 


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