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The Colonist of Southwest Africa (Penning)

SKU 9781894666954


The Louis Wessel Commando Series- #5



After three years of fighting, the Boer War was nearing its bitter end. Even though the Boer armies seemed defeated by the superior British armed forces, many Boer commandoes refused to give up and continued to strike at the English military. The enemy's retaliation was horrible. Systematically the Rednecks combed ou the country: farms were burned and the women and children were taken to concentration camps. Malnourished, neglected, and ravaged by Typhus fever, thousands died in those camps.

Under the leadership of Louis Wessels, a commando planned a rescue, but with difficulties and traitors abounding, failure and capture were imminent realities. Was escape still possible? Could comfort be found in the words of the field preacher who not only condemned England's insults and scorn heaped on the Boer entreaties for help but also entreated his fellow Christians to throw dust and ashes on their heads "for we and our fathers - we have sinned grievously! We have erred. We have served alien gods, and now the Lord is visiting us with His scourge." Addressing the Boers, and also the British doctor, the field preacher concluded, " Brothers, let us be silent in this oppression. Let us confess our sins and lift our penitent hearts in prayer to the hills from whence our salvation will come."


  • Author: Lawrence Penning
  • Pages: 144
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2009


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Providence Books & Press Review

This, the final and fifth installment of the Louis Wessel Commando series is perhaps the most heartwrenching. The sunny days of victory seemed lost and the sheer military might of the English sought to swallow the Boer army up. With homes and land burning all around them, the women try to flee, but their valiant efforts are not enough.


After being captured by the English, Louis Wessels and his brave men attempt a rescue, but the sheer volume of English troops overwhelms them, and the women are soon captured again. 


From here, we make our way to the main setting of the book, a concentration camp.


There is a lack of everything in the camp of tents, except perhaps mud and rain. Suffering is found in abundance.


An English doctor, a brother in Christ, works himself tirelessly, attempting to save lives and English honor. But it is all for nothing. Typhoid hits and death comes quicker than graves can be dug. 


Louis and his commandos don't give up. They attempt another perilous mission and make their way past the English. Treachery meets this brave commando, and Louis is captured. With Louis captured, the commando seeks to escape with the English on their heels. Kees holds back the English attack by sacrificing his own life for that of his comrades. Sarel to, the detested son of a National Scout, would show himself to be a man of integrity and bravery. His boldness would free Louis from the clutches of the English, but his own life he would surrender. 


In time, the season of war passes and is replaced by peace. Louis and his bride, Truida, find a home under the German flag in Southwest Africa; they can't bear to live under the colors of the English. Wonderfontein, razed by the fires of the English, is rebuilt by Mother Wessels, Janske, and Karel, the last remnants of the proud Wessels family. Hope is found again and it is remembered that "Power passes and so does darkness and the violence done by the unjust - and the morning comes, the happy morning for which our praying hearts are waiting!" 


This series, so artfully written, raises many questions that could be discussed. Questions such as nationalism: how much should a Christian be married to his country? And others, such as the Boers' treatment of the native Africans, was it right? Mrs. Potgieter, at one point, even ponders why most of the Native Africans dislike the Boers so much. However, the book does not state whether God, in His sovereign grace, allows her to see the answer.

Product Details:

  • Paperback:  144 pages
  • Published:  2009
  • ISBN: 9781894666954 
  • Author:  Lawrence Penning


  • Lawrence Penning
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