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The Christian Manifesto (Begg)

SKU 9781784989187


Jesus' Life-Changing Words from the Sermon on the Plain 


What does genuine Christian living look like in the 21st century, and how can we be motivated to live that way?

The answer comes from Jesus’ sermon in Luke 6 (sometimes known as the Sermon on the Plain), which starts, “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God and goes on to lay out God’s vision statement for the Christian life. It is a manifesto that has nothing to do with politics, culture or personality, but rather God’s intentions for his people.

Renowned Bible teacher Begg unpacks this sermon, exhorting Christians to live a radically different life that upends the world's values and philosophies. It's a lifestyle that is counterintuitive and countercultural, yet one that God blesses with true meaning and impact.

As we look at the kindness and compassion of Jesus and ask for the Holy Spirit’s help, we’ll grow in both the motivation and the ability to obey Jesus’ teaching and experience the blessing that comes from that.

This compelling book will remind you of God's grace and what it means to follow him, helping you discover the ultimate blessing that is found in him.


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Product Details

  • Cover Type: Hardcover
  • 112 Pages
  • Publisher: Good Book Company
  • Publication Date: September 2023
  • ISBN: 978-1784989187


"If you find yourself despairing over the deep cultural divides of our time, you will find hope and help in reading this book. Alistair Begg explores the call of Jesus to a life that is radically different from what we see in the world and sometimes in the church: a life in which we love those with whom we radically disagree, speak with gentleness and kindness, and focus first on dealing with our own sins rather than the sins of others. This book is full of the grace and wisdom of Jesus, that we desperately need today."

Colin S. Smith, Senior Pastor, The Orchard Evangelical Free Church, Arlington, Illinois; President of Unlocking the Bible

"Alistair Begg brings the message of Jesus into our world, clarifying its meaning and relevance without blunting any of its challenge. But Begg also sets that challenge in the bigger context of Christ’s message of grace. As a result, the challenge becomes an invitation—an invitation to a happy life."

Tim Chester,Crosslands Training; Author of Enjoying God

"Life in Jesus’ kingdom is life at its very best—liberating, exhilarating, and altogether satisfying. It is also countercultural and counterintuitive. The principles and priorities of the kingdom are wildly different from the values and virtues celebrated in contemporary society, and it’s all too easy for us to conform to the dominant culture rather than embrace our calling to live distinctively. With his typical blend of wisdom, warmth, and wit, Alistair Begg takes us back to Jesus’ teaching and shows what kingdom life looks like—and why it really is the best life."

Carolyn Lacey, Author of 'Say the Right Thing' and 'Extraordinary Hospitality (for Ordinary People)'


Alistair Begg is Senior Pastor at Parkside Church in Cleveland, Ohio and the Bible teacher at Truth For Life, which is heard on the radio and online around the world. He graduated from theological college in London and served two churches in Scotland before moving to Ohio. He is married to Susan, and they have three grown children.

Table of Contents


  • 1. An Invitation to Happiness
    2. A Reversal of Values
    3. An Exceptional Kind of Love
    4. What the Golden Rule Really Means
    5. Generous Forgiveness
    6. A Life of Integrity
    7. A Genuine Desire to Obey
    8. The Heart of our King

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