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The Beggars Victory (Prins)

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Struggle For Freedom - Series 3


It was the beginning of March, 1572. Four years earlier Martin, along with his father and his father's dear friend, Boudewyn, who was a blacksmith, had signed up on a Beggar's ship in Emden.


  • Author: Piet Prins
  • Pages: 173
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2006


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Product Details:

  • Paperback:  173 pages
  • Published:  2006
  • ISBN: ‎ 9780921100539
  • Author:  Piet Prins


  • Pieter "Piet" Jongeling, also known by the pen name Piet Prins, was a Dutch politician and author of children's books. He was a member of the Reformed Political League and of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands.
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