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Ten Boys Who Made A Difference (Howat)

SKU 9781857927757


Would you like to make a difference? These ten boys grew up to do just that - but first they had to change the church. How did God change them?

Augustine discovered the love of God and changed the way we think; Knox focused on God's word and told his country the truth; Luther rediscovered God's truth and gave it to ordinary people; Calvin realised that salvation was a gift from God and not a reward for what he did; Tyndale longed to print the Bible in a language that everyone would understand; Latimer urged people to read the Bible for themselves and made enemies as a result; Hus taught that God is in charge of the church and the world; Zwingli challenged people to obey God's word in every area of their lives; Chalmers called the church to show Christ's compassion to the poor and Shaftesbury pushed the church into making Christ's love a living reality for everyone.

"If you like this, you'll love these: John Welch - The Man who couldn't be stopped by Ethel Barrett. John Knox's Son in law seems to have inherited some of the famous Knox fire for adventure and excitement. John Welch's story is a fantastic adventure that brings a young man from a gang of robbers to preaching the gospel in hostile situations. William Tyndale: The Smuggler's Flame by Lori Rich William lived a life of adventure and danger in Tudor England. A bible smuggler he operated illegally and under the very noses of the King's officials!"


  • Author: Irene Howat
  • Pages: 162
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2002


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Product Details:

  • Paperback:  162 pages
  • Published:  2002
  • SBN : ‎ 9781857927757
  • Author:  Irene Howat


  • Irene Howat is an award–winning author and poet who lives in Scotland. She has published many biographical books for all ages and is particularly well–known for her biographical material. She has written many books about the lives of different Christians from around the world. She has also written an autobiographical work entitled ‘Pain My Companion’.Award–winning author
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