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Shepherding a Child's Heart (Tripp)

SKU ‎ 9780966378603


Shepherding a Child’s Heart is about how to speak to the heart of your child (Luke 6:45). Written for parents with children of any age, this insightful book provides perspectives and procedures for shepherding your child’s heart into the paths of life.


In this revised edition, Dr. Tedd Tripp draws on his thirty years experience as a pastor, counselor, school administrator, and father, and shares insights gained in many years of teaching this material in conferences worldwide.


  • Author: Ted Tripp
  • Pages: 211
  • Paperback
  • Published in 1995


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Product Details:

  • Paperback:  211 pages
  • Published:  1995
  • ISBN: ‎ 9780966378603
  • Author:  Ted Tripp


  • Dr. Tedd Tripp is pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Hazleton, Pennsylvania and author of Shepherding a Child's Heart.
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