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Purposeful and Persistent Parenting (Raquet)

SKU 9781952599194


Blessing Others, Blue-Tape Boundaries, and Other Practical Perspectives on Raising Children


Sometimes in our childhood, we fantasize about our future parenting skills and how we will be the ultimate mom or dad. These grand visions rarely survive the first few months of our own journey as parents-once that specter of self-will first manifests in our new bundle of joy. We quickly learn that while parenting is infinitely rewarding and a wonderful blessing, it is also a difficult, sometimes confusing, often thankless responsibility. We find ourselves wishing for a clear, simple, and preferably, illustrated instruction manual.

In Purposeful and Persistent Parenting, John and Cindy Raquet seek to share, through encouraging examples of their journey toward God-honoring parenthood, the lessons they learned in raising their eight children. With personal stories of triumph and failure, goal-setting (and resetting), many practical tips, and a little blue tape, they hope that this work will be a valuable companion on your own adventure in parenting and instrumental in helping you to truly enjoy the work of raising your children.


  • Author: John Raquet & Cindy Raquet
  • Pages: 274
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2021


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Product Details:

  • Paperback:  274 pages
  • Published:  2021
  • ISBN: ‎ 9781952599194
  • Authors:  John  and Cindy Raquet


  • John & Cindy Raquet


  • - Sam Waldron

    Purposeful and Persistent Parenting hits a home run for getting things in order from the start of parenting. Every young parent needs to read this book. It is targeted to the first ten years of parenting, where everything matters most. It will get you going in the right direction. John and Cindy Raquet understand with clarity that laying solid foundations early on is critical. It is full of helpful ideas grounded in the Word of God. I can't wait to get it into the hands of my grown children raising their families.

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