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Probable Sons - Golden Inheritance Series #2 (Le Feuvre)

SKU 9780921100812


Golden Inheritance Series #2

The story revolves around two boys, David and Jonathan, who were born on the same day but were accidentally switched at birth. David, who grows up in poverty and hardship, eventually discovers that he is not the biological son of the family raising him. Conversely, Jonathan, who grows up in wealth and privilege, learns about the mix-up and the true circumstances of his birth. As the boys become aware of the mistake that led to their upbringing in different circumstances, they face challenges in reconciling their identities and adjusting to their new realities. The novel explores themes of identity, family, social class, and the values of love, integrity, and forgiveness. Amy Le Feuvre's "Probable Sons" is renowned for its moral lessons, emotional depth, and its portrayal of the challenges faced by the boys as they come to terms with their true identities. It remains a beloved work of children's literature, appreciated for its engaging storytelling and its exploration of important ethical and personal dilemmas.


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Product Details:

  • Paperback:  94 pages
  • Published:
  • ISBN:  9780921100812
  • Author:  Amy Le Feuvre


  • Amelia Sophia Le Feuvre (1861 - 1929), better known as Amy Le Feuvre, was an English evangelical Christian writer of children's novels and short stories. She authored more than 65 books and wrote for several magazines including The Quiver. Le Feuvre prominently expressed her religious beliefs in the themes of her works. Although she often wrote under her own name, she also used the pseudonym Mary Thurston Dodge. Her debut novel, Eric's Good News, was first published in 1894, while her final novel, A Strange Courtship, was published 1931, two years after her death. Le Feuvre is best remembered for Teddy's Button, a 1896 novel that, like many of her novels, features a badly behaved child who has honourable intentions that are misunderstood by the adults


  • The Sword and Trowel says: A lovely story that everybody — man, woman, boy, or girl — ought to read. The heroine is a charming child who, in a most winning way, applies to everyday life the Parable of the Prodigal Son, whom she mis-calls the Probable Son. It is scarcely possible to praise too highly this delightful volume.
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