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Parenting with Hope: Raising Teens for Christ in a Secular Age (Kruger)

SKU 9780736986267


Parenting with Hope: Raising Teens for Christ in a Secular Age

As children mature, it’s important for parents to prepare for the unique changes and challenges of adolescence. With so many cultural pressures and influences vying for teens’ attention, parents need a secure foundation for creating an environment where faith can flourish.

Parenting with Hope invites you to anchor your hopes and expectations in Christ―the true source of wisdom, strength, contentment, and fruitful parenting. Integrating sound biblical teaching, insights from developmental experts, and her own experiences as a teacher and mother, Melissa Kruger will wisely guide you through today’s most common concerns. Emphasizing principles over prescriptions, Melissa will help you to understand how you can build up and bless your teens in God-honoring ways.


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Product Details:

  • Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 240 pages
  • Published:  2024
  • ISBN: ‎ 9780736986267
  • Author:  Melissa B. Kruger


  • Melissa B. Kruger is vice president of discipleship programming at The Gospel Coalition and author of multiple books, including Growing Together, Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood, and the popular children’s book Wherever You Go, I Want You to Know. Her husband, Mike, is the president of Reformed Theological Seminary, and they reside with their three children in Charlotte, North Carolina.


  • “As a mother on the cusp of raising teens in the coming years, I cherish Melissa’s timeless wisdom she generously shares in Parenting with Hope. Melissa’s words are wrought with deep conviction that God’s Word is an unshakable foundation for our lives and our parenting. I’ll be returning to this book often for encouragement and practical advice on how to raise my children with my hope fixed on Jesus.”
    ―Gretchen Saffles, founder of Well-Watered Women; bestselling author of The Well-Watered Woman: Rooted in Truth, Growing in Grace, Flourishing in Faith
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