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Lucy and the Saturday Suprise (Tgc Kids) (Kruger)

SKU 9781433584411


This TGC Kids Book Introduces Children to the Dangers of Envy and the Joy of Contentment

One Saturday morning, Lucy and her brother, Lewis, each get to choose one piece of candy from the store. But Lucy's delight quickly disappears when she unwraps her chocolate and discovers it melted! Envying her brother’s long-lasting lollipop, Lucy spirals into a pattern of discontent: seecovettake, and hide. Her envious actions make her feel miserable, but her dad helps her find the path to freedom and grace.

Everyone struggles with wanting what others have. Lucy and the Saturday Surprise helps children understand the dangers of letting desire fester into envy. Through colorful illustrations and engaging characters, Lucy’s story shows kids how to fight against envy and reminds us all that Jesus offers freedom from both the penalty and power of sin. A TGC Kids book.

  • Written for Kids Ages 3–7: Accessible story accompanied by colorful illustrations to keep kids engaged 
  • Teaches Kids an Important Life Lesson: Through an engaging story, kids will learn the dangers of envy and the joy of contentment 
  • Practical Approach for Parents and Guardians: A “Note to Grownups” provides advice for furthering the conversation on the topic of envy 
  • TGC Kids Series: Teaches kids biblical truths while engaging their hearts and imaginations


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Product Details

  • Cover Type: Hardcover 
  • 40 Pages 
  • Publication Date: 2023 
  • ISBN: 9781433584411


“With beautiful writing and robust theology, Melissa Kruger offers parents a resource that will help them explain to their children the struggles of temptation and desire. This book helps children see, in language they can understand, how resisting sin is possible only through the work of Christ and the power of the Spirit. You’ll want this book in your home, in your children’s ministry, and in your school.”
Daniel Darling, Director, The Land Center for Cultural Engagement; Columnist, WORLD; author, The Dignity RevolutionThe Characters of Christmas; and Agents of Grace

“We’ve all been in Lucy’s shoes: seeing something that someone has and wanting it too. Melissa Kruger helps us put words to that temptation so we can help our children grow and change. Lucy and the Saturday Surprise is a wonderful story and provides a lesson that will help kids for the rest of their lives.”
Trillia Newbell, author, Jesus and the Gift of Friendship; The Big Wide Welcome; and God’s Very Good Idea

“As my daughter and I gushed over the delightful illustrations and engaging story in Lucy and the Saturday Surprise, it didn’t take us long to realize that we deeply relate to Lucy and her struggle with envy. Through Lucy’s story, author Melissa Kruger clearly and engagingly presents envy’s pattern and offers biblical help. Kids and parents alike will find that Lucy’s plight offers a kind invitation for difficult conversations about the danger of envy.”
Caroline Saunders, author, The Story of Home and The Story of Water

“Lucy and the Saturday Surprise is not just a story for children; it’s a teaching opportunity and powerful reminder for parents that the sweetest treat isn’t a lollipop—it’s the grace of God in Christ Jesus.”
Gretchen Saffles, author, The Well-Watered Woman; Founder, Well-Watered Women Co.

“Christian parents may wonder, How do I have a gospel conversation with my child about envy and covetousness? Melissa Kruger brings clarity to this question in the engaging storyline of Lucy and the Saturday Surprise. Along with Lucy, kids from very young to early readers will see how good desires can turn covetous—even more, how contentment yields greater joy!”
Barbara Reaoch, Former Director of the Children’s Division, Bible Study Fellowship International; author, A Jesus Easter


Melissa Kruger (BA, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) serves as vice president of discipleship programming for the Gospel Coalition (TGC). She’s the author of multiple books, including The Envy of EveWalking with God in the Season of MotherhoodGrowing Together; and Wherever You Go, I Want You to Know. Her husband, Mike, is the president of Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, and they have three children.

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