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Legend Led - Golden Inheritance Series #4 (Le Feuvre)

SKU 9780921100829


Golden Inheritance Series #4

Three children, orphaned at an early age and living with a governess, are suddenly sent for by an older step-brother who lives in the country. Steeped in Arthurian legends, Gypsy, the youngest of the three children, is convinced that the Holy Grail, or ‘Holy Thing’ as she calls it, is hidden somewhere on their brother’s estate. When she does actually find the ‘Holy Thing’, it is not quite what she has expected. Reminiscent of W.G. VandeHulst, this book is sure to endear itself to parents as well as to young children.


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Product Details:

  • Paperback:  138 pages
  • Published:  1998
  • ISBN:  9780921100829
  • Author:  Amy Le Feuvre


  • Amy Le Feuvre (1861-1929) was born in Blackheath, London, England. Her father, Edmond Philip Le Feuvre, worked as a Surveyor at H. M. Customs. Her grandfather, James Mainguy, was a reverend in Guernsey. She dedicated her life to writing and wrote many books and stories that are filled with Biblical principles.
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