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John is Not Afraid - John Knox (Van Rijswijk)

SKU 9781894666817


In Father’s Footsteps John Knox was smart. He could study very well and learn quickly. Father and Mother really liked that. One day, John was called to go to his father. “John,” he said, “you are a big boy now. You must either work, or keep going to school.”


Introduce your little children to John Knox and his amazing courage in the face of wicked leaders. They will learn about Knox's period of exile, his trip to Geneva, and the work of Reform in Scotland. This little book is intended to be read to four and five-year olds or used as readers among six and seven-year olds.


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Product Details:

  • Paperback:  43 pages
  • Published:
  • ISBN:  9781894666817
  • Author:  Cor Van Rijswijk


  • Cor Van Rijswijk
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