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Jessica's First Prayer and Mother - Golden Inheritance Series #1 (Stretton)

SKU 9780921100638


Golden Inheritance Series #1

Jessica, shivering and hungry, finds an unlikely friend in "Mr. Daniel," a coffee-peddler. Her simple faith in God when she heard about Him, demonstrated in her very first prayer, touches the hearts and lives of those around her. In Jessica's Mother, the woman who had given birth to Jessica, and abandoned her to pursue a life of depravity and drunkenness, returns. These two stories beautifully demonstrate the power of a child-like faith in Christ.


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Product Details:

  • Paperback:  123 pages
  • Published:
  • ISBN:   9780921100638
  • Author:  Hesba Stretton


  • Hesba Stretton was the pseudonym of Sarah Smith, an evangelical English author of religious books for children. These were highly popular. By the late 19th century Jessica's First Prayer had sold a million and a half copies – ten times more than Alice in Wonderland


  • Liz Buist in Reformed Perspective: There is much to be learned from this story. It is written primarily for children, but this book is worthwhile reading for adults as well . . . Highly recommended for young and older.

    The Sword and Trowel says (about Jessica’s First Prayer): One of the most tender, touching, and withal gracious stories that we ever remember to have read. A dear little book for our children. We are not ashamed of having shed tears while reading it; in fact, should have been ten times more ashamed if we had not. The sweet portrait of the poor child Jessica is a study, and old Daniel is perfect in his own way.

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