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Isaiah Workbook Chapters 40-66 (Vanwoudenberg)

SKU 9780886660802


This coil-bound workbook is designed to help the Bible student discover the riches of Isaiah 40-66. The book treats each chapter of this prophecy individually, and has questions that guide the understanding of what is written, and what it means for us today. 27 Outlines with questions and lines to write in your answers. This workbook could be used for either group or personal Bible study.


Product Details

  • Cover Type: Paperback 
  • 198 Pages 
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • ISBN: 9780886660802


Rev. VanWoudenberg completed the Master of Divinity program at the Theological College of the Canadian Reformed Churches in 1993. John and his wife Carolin, and their children currently reside in Guelph, Ontario, where he has been minister of Emmanuel Canadian Reformed Church since 2001. Prior to this, Rev. VanWoudenberg served as minister in Kerwood, Ontario.

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