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I am the Lord your God ( Meesters) B.N.Y.A. Vol. 1

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B.N.Y.A. Vol. 1 - I Am the Lord Your God

Subject: Genesis & Job

The Bible Narrated For Young Adults

The many children's Bibles available today are aimed at young children. In contrast to those children's Bibles, this book relates the stories of the Bible at a level intended to appeal to adolescents. It provides a wealth of Scriptural information in a very readable, story-like form. The style makes for light reading, yet the book is both instructive and spiritually rewarding.

Author Wolf Meesters enriches the young reader's insight by showing the Christ-centered line that runs like a golden thread through the Bible. This volume deals with God's redemptive work from creation to the death of Joseph in the land of Egypt.

Bible and Reformed Confessions


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Product Details:

  • Hardcover
  • Published:
  • ISBN: 0000003127
  • Author:  Wolf Meesters


  • Wolf Meesters:  A pseudonym for W. Meijers who wrote the church hisstory series, Young People’s History of the Church)
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