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Guns of Providence (Bond)

SKU 9781596381568


Faith & Freedom - 3


The American Revolution ignites a fire that rallies patriots to fight!

Sandy M’Kethe, along with freeman Salem Poor, find themselves enlisted together in George Washington’s army. An expert marksman with the longbow, Sandy’s skill attracts the attention of the intrepid sea captain John Paul Jones. Sandy and Salem are bound for high-seas adventures. Together, can they navigate the guns of Providence?


  • Author: Dogulas Bond
  • Pages: 243
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2010


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Product Details:

  • Paperback:  243 pages
  • Published:  2010
  • ISBN‏ : ‎ 9781596381568
  • Author:  Douglas Bond


  • Douglas Bond is author of more than thirty books of historical fiction, biography, devotion, and practical theology, including several books now in Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian, and Korean. Two-book Grace Award finalist (The Revolt and The Battle of Seattle, 2016), Bond is director of the Oxford Creative Writing Master Class, is adjunct instructor in church history and creative writing at three institutions of higher learning, and leads Church history tours in Europe. He is father of six children and seven (and counting) grandchildren.



  • "Doug Bond's story for young readers tells the tale of America's revolutionary beginning with strength and truth. Guns of Providence is not just engaging and accurate with respect to American history; there is no politically correct spirit working to expunge the beliefs of or our country's founding era. The God of the soldiers is actively at work in providence. The Commander of the Army, George Washington, is a man of honor. And faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a staple of the souls of patriots. "Take up and read!"--Peter A. Lillback, President, The Providence Forum, Author of George Washington's Sacred Fire
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