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God's Timeline (Finlayson)

SKU 9781527100985


The Big Book of Church History



Learn about the Early, Medieval and Missionary church, passing through key events such as the Council of Nicea and the Reformation – right through to the present day. Find out about the people God used and the impact they had on those around them – including us today!




This fascinating book is split into five colour–coded sections:


The Early Church

Medieval Church

Reforming Church

Missionary Church

Modern Church

Sixteen colourful illustrated timelines place key events in church history in a broader historical context. Maps show the ways in which the gospel spread; tables clearly and simply lay out differences in beliefs; and illustrated pages explain key events, people and theological debates throughout the church’s 2,000 year history.




Although each period is different from the others, there are common threads that run through all of church history. Symbols highlight a number of important things to look out for:





Kings and Queens


This absorbing book will be a great aid to anyone looking for an overview of church history. The pull–out poster featuing the whole timeline, plus key herores and villains, make it easy to trace God’s work through his church.


  • Author: Linda Finlayson
  • Pages: 80
  • Hardcover
  • Published in 2018


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Product Details

  • Hardcover:  80 pages
  • Published:  2018
  • ISBN: ‎ 9781527100985


  • Linda Finlayson
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