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Faith and Victory in Dachau (Overduin)

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The author was a very unlikely resistance leader: a gentle preacher. As a minister he was known for his evangelistic zeal. Yet when the ‘school conflict’ with the Nazis erupted - they wanted to control the hiring of Christian school principals and fill any vacancies with Nazi sympathisers - he did not yield, showing himself to be a man of strong Biblical faith and principles. His story tells how the Nazis arrested him, eventually sending him off to Dachau. It was there that he and other pastors continued their resistance.


  • Author: Jack Overduin
  • Pages: 250
  • Hardcover
  • Published in 1998


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Providence Books & Press Review

Faith and Victory in Dachau (Paieda Press 1978,250 Pages) illustrates the very heinous depths to which man can descend without God. Pastor Jake Overduin brings us along in this well flowing narrative from school conflict, to arrest, through horrific suffering and once again to freedom.


In many ways this is not pleasant book to read. We are told of suffering and abuse that we rightly can’t fathom. For us who have not been there it is unconscionable, but for men and women such as the author it was a hellish reality for 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Every moment from eating, to working, to cleaning was designed for slow torturous murder.


Unpleasant as it is this book is not devoid of hope. I quote the author “From a merely human viewpoint, those years were an oppressive nightmare, but seen spiritually they were a series of miracles of the Kingdom of Heaven. On the one hand, I was inclined to say, “How horrible that I had to endure all that suffering!” But on the other, I could never thank God enough that He had been so gracious as to allow me this experience.”


While not a pleasant read this is a book I highly recommend. It captures terrible suffering while illustrating the all-encompassing love of the Father, who remains with his people in the valley of the shadow of death. It shows the how atheistic ideologues can so fill the heart of a nation with evil. This in turn shows the immense importance for Christians to recognize godless ideologues and to fight against them. I will leave you with another quote from Overduin himself “A nation needs people who can look ahead and help to prevent a repetition of such events, in whatever form. The absolutism of National Socialism will not soon reappear in the same form or with the same name. But it will no doubt return in some other guise and with different slogans. Without moral and spiritual principles, the masses will be unable to recognize it in time. For they have no scriptural foundation; they are a shifting, pliable mass of relativists waiting to be shaped and led. Like potter’s clay they can go in any direction, assume any shape. Who will be the potter?”

Product Details:

  • Hardcover:  252 pages
  • Published:  1975
  • ISBN‏ : ‎ 9780888159014
  • Author:  Jake Overduin


  • Rev. Jack Overduin studied theology at the Free University in Amsterdam  and served in the Reformed churches in the Netherlands.
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