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Enduring Joy Five Outlines on Philipians (Deddens)



This book contains 5 outlines on Paul’s letter to the Philippians. In these outlines we discover how Paul communicates his love and concern for this New Testament congregation. Questions for discussion follow each outline.


Product Details

  • Cover Type: Paperback
  • 45 Pages 
  • Publication Date: 1992


Dr. K. Deddens (1924-2005) served five Reformed Churches in the Netherlands from 1951 to 1984 and was also a missionary in Curacao (Netherlands Antilles) from 1965 to 1970. In 1984 Dr. Deddens became a professor at the Theological College of the Canadian Reformed Churches in Hamilton, Ontario, where he taught Diaconiology (about the offices) and Ecclesiology (about the Church). He retired at the end of June, 1990 and returned to the Netherlands.


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