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David Lloyd’s Last Will (Stretton)

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Emerald Inheritance Series #1

The group of waiting, venerating teachers gathered eagerly around Mark Fletcher as he entered his private room, and one after another, with almost impatient haste, claimed his attention to themselves.

"I wish you would speak to Ann Maudsley," said one, with a a discontented air; "she is above my hand. You know the girl? With red hair, and a wild, sulky look."

"I know her well," answered Mark, "and I will talk to her. She is a poor, desolate creature, with a harsh stepmother at home. If you can win her you will gain a triumph indeed. You will have patience with her still, I am sure."

The quiet smile with which he spoke received an answering smile.

"Mr. Fletcher," said another, "three more of my girls are out of work now. The mill stopped last week."

"What are their names?" he inquired.

"Alice and Charlotte Crocker, and Mary Fairclough," was the answer.

"They have a little money in our savings bank," replied Mark with a wonderful power of memory; "when that is gone, we will see what can be done."

"It is very hard work," said the young teacher sighing, heavily.

"Very hard," answered Mark, with a light in his eyes which made her downcast face brighter, "yet we know One whose whole life’s work was far harder."


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  • Hardcover:
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  • ISBN: 9781772980875
  • Author:  Hesba Stretton


  • Hesba Stretton was the pseudonym of Sarah Smith, an evangelical English author of religious books for children. These were highly popular. By the late 19th century Jessica's First Prayer had sold a million and a half copies – ten times more than Alice in Wonderland.
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