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Correctly Handling the Word of Truth (te Velde) (Visscher)

SKU 9781625649119


How should the Word of God be interpreted and applied today? Does our modern culture affect how we read the Bible? Can certain passages be interpreted in different contexts and in different ways, all the while acknowledging that God speaks with a clear and consistent voice? These are the enduring challenges of hermeneutics. In this volume, no less than sixteen Reformed scholars from four different countries join together to tackle the hard questions that often arise when we busy ourselves with the weighty responsibility of interpreting Holy Scripture. As iron sharpens iron, so also these Reformed scholars challenge each other and their readers to ask not only how hermeneutics can be done, but ultimately, how it should be done so that God's Word of Truth may be handled correctly (2 Tim 2:15).


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Product Details

  • Cover Details: Paperback 
  • 251 Pages 
  • Publication Date: 2014
  • ISBN: 9781625649119


Brothers in one faith discuss the implications of their confidence in the authority of Scripture. Honestly facing minor disagreements, they share the faith in God who has spoken. Sola scriptura remains the vital standard for today because it witnesses God's acts in history and reveals God in Christ. Participating in Him we find all treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Therefore we can only handle the word of God correctly, if we let the Word correct and handle us.
--Henk van der Belt, Associate Professor, University of Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands


Mees te Velde is Rector and Professor of Church History and Church Polity at Theological University of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands, Kampen, the Netherlands.

Gerhard H. Visscher is Principal and Professor of New Testament at Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary, Hamilton, Canada.

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