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Bobby's Friends (Van Den Berg)

SKU 9780921100515


“Lights!” Jessie announced loudly.

Suddenly everyone was awake.

Karachi appeared beneath them on the lefthand side. At first they saw only a narrow strip of tiny lights, but soon it broadened. The plane swung sideways as it turned, gliding above the sea of city lights. The children hadn’t paid much attention to the other landings during the trip, but this one became very exciting!

Pakistan! Every year a part of Western Pakistan underwent a drastic flood, washing away all the gardens and homes of the inhabitants. Father Falois, agriculturist, was asked by the government to try to control the floods. But life in Pakistan was so different for Bobby and his siblings. The worst part was understanding the people, that breach between the rich Muslims and the poor Christians. How would Bobby find friends? Would the screaming, proud, millionaire’s son, Sadiq, be a friend, or would Jahja, the very poorest of all? Who would be faithful when danger came?


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Product Details:

  • Paperback:  125 pages
  • Published:  2010
  • ISBN: 9780921100515
  • Author:  Phia Van Den Berg


  • Phia Van Den Berg
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