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Andrew Connington (Irwin)



THIS powerful and moving novel tells the story of a young preacher’s endeavor to bring the Word of God to bear upon his large and fashionable church — and himself. Out of a deep compulsion, Andrew Connington proclaims a Christianity that leaves no part of life untouched or unchanged. His daring independence and unyielding passion for truth lead him into actions that eventually threaten the deepest motives of his existence. Andrew finds himself on a pilgrimage that only the love and power of Christ can sustain.


The characters and situations in this exciting story of modern Christianity are created with a steady eye upon reality. Grace Irwin remains faithful to the human experience of God’s revelation to man. She creatively explores the moral tensions and struggles of men and women trying to walk the Christian way in a world that often confuses truth with expediency, and love with sentimentality.


Author: Grace Irwin

Pages: 321



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Product Details

  • Published: 1995
  • Author:  Grace Irwin


  • Grace Irwin (1907-2008) was a Canadian writer who wrote Christian-themed fiction. She also worked as a classics teacher and minister.
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