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And We Escaped (Van Dooren)

SKU 9780980912203


In the seemingly minor altercations of a rural Dutch congregation, important issues were at stake: the Kingship of the Lord Jesus Christ over His congregations and the dependability and trustworthiness of the promise of God's covenant. The deposit of faith had to be guarded against hierarchism and subjectivism. The true doctrine and the right church polity had to be proclaimed and maintained even in a village church during the dark years of a global conflict.

May this simple narration enliven the study of the history of the church especially among the young people of the Canadian Reformed Churches and may it confirm all its readers in the belief that the triune God still gathers and defends His holy and catholic church.


Author: G. van Dooren

Pages: 221



Product Details

  • Published:  1986
  • ISBN: 9780980912203
  • Author:  G. Van Dooren,  M.Th.


  • G. Van Dooren
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