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A Sign of Faithfulness (Westerink)

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This book on baptism is a jewel. One seldom comes across a book that simultaneously matches such simplicity to profundity, and vice versa. the author excels at clarifying the marvelous continuity (and discontinuity) between the old and new covenant with respect to the question of baptism - infant baptism in particular. Westerink's book honors the unity of God's written relationship between circumcision and baptism. Thus, the reader is offered an approach to Scripture at direct odds with fundamentalism today. Rather than slice the Bible into so many separate sections ( the dispensational approach), Westerink rightly handles Scripture as a harmonious revelation, wherein God reveals his everlasting covenant with his people and fulfills that covenant in Jesus Christ. Westerink beautifully shows the implications and applications of this covenental perspective for baptism.


- adapted from the Translator's Preface


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Product Details:

  • Paperback:  128 pages
  • Published:  1997
  • 0-921100-00-0
  • Author :  H. Westerink


  • H. Westerink
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