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A Mighty Fortress in the Storm (Rustenberg Bootsma)

SKU 9780921100379


Jans Lubberts and his family, Christians living on a farm in Holland during the Nazi occupation, join the Resistance and become active in fighting the Germans.


Dark clouds, of a menacing world dilemma, had been forming along the horizon of the political world during the years of the 1930s. As these years came and passed, all ruling eyes, and many more, focused on a little man with a high-formed mustache, who only decades earlier was unknown beyond his immediate surroundings.


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Product Details

  • Paperback ‏: ‎ 174 pages
  • Publication:  1992
  • ISBN ‏ : ‎ 9780921100379
  • Author:  P. M. R. Bootsma

Providence Book & Press Reviews

It’s Holland, the war years. In the tiny dutch hamlet of Nooitgedacht we find the Lubbert’s family. Nooitgedacht literally translated “ never thought of “ seems as its name illustrates to be a place of little import.

When we think of World War 2, we often think of the “ big names” the leaders of prominent positions. How often should we instead think of the countless people who stood against the Nazi ideologue? As children of God, they felt compelled to do all that was necessary to protect those whom the Nazi machine was seeking to swallow up.

As the dark clouds of oppression came upon them, the Lubbert’s family while not formally involved in the resistance soon became a haven and resting place for many fugitives and resistance fighters. Two of these young men were Herman and Jac Van der Wal. These two brothers took up prominent roles in the resistance and were often to be found in the Lubbert’s home. We follow this family and these boys through romance, war, resistance, death, and freedom.

A Mighty Fortress in the Storm begins with the dark clouds of Nazi invasion impending on the horizon and ends with the bright sun of deliverance. This story gives us a close-up look at the hardships of life during the war years, the decisions one had to make, the risks one took. Above all though this is a story that points to the glorious providence and grace of God.


  • P. M. R. Bootsma
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